Network of Partners and Strategic Alliances

OpenFabric collaborates with leading organizations to deliver innovative solutions and drive the adoption of 5G technology worldwide. Explore our esteemed partners and learn more about our strategic alliances.

OpenFabric’s partner ecosystem is a vibrant network of industry leaders and innovators, uniting to enhance 5G technology’s reach and impact. 

Partner Network

Backbone of our 5G ecosystem, uniting strengths for collective success through a network of strategic partners.

Our network of strategic partners who contribute to the success of OpenFabric and our clients. From technology providers to system integrators and industry associations, our partners play a vital role in delivering comprehensive 5G solutions.

Our Commitment

Unwavering Dedication to Progress and Partnership

Technology Partners

Our ecosystem of technology partners provide complementary products and services to enhance the capabilities of OpenFabric's offerings.

Collaborate with leading vendors and innovators in areas such as cloud infrastructure, edge computing, software-defined networking (SDN), and more.

System Integrators

Our trusted system integration partners with years of experience, who help deploy, optimize, and manage OpenFabric's solutions for our clients to maximize ROI.

Benefit from their expertise in designing and implementing complex 5G networks, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

Industry Associations

Discover our affiliations with industry associations and consortia dedicated to advancing the adoption and development of 5G technology.

Stay informed about the latest standards, regulations, and initiatives shaping the future of telecommunications and

Partner Benefits

Benefits of Partnering with OpenFabric

Access to Cutting-Edge Solutions

Leverage OpenFabric's innovative 5G solutions to differentiate your offerings and address the evolving needs of your customers.

Collaboration Opportunities

Explore our joint marketing, sales, and co-development initiatives to expand your market reach and accelerate growth.

Training and

Receive training and support from OpenFabric's experts to enhance your knowledge and capabilities in delivering 5G solutions.

Marketing and Branding Support

Benefit from co-marketing opportunities, collateral, and branding materials to promote our partnership and drive visibility.


Become a Partner

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us to explore partnership opportunities and how we can collaborate to deliver value to our customers and drive mutual success.

Whether you’re a technology provider, system integrator, or industry association, we welcome the opportunity to explore potential partnerships and alliances.

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