Our Solutions

OpenFabric offers a comprehensive suite of 5G solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across industries.

Whether you’re looking to deploy a private 5G network, conduct testing and validation in our labs, enhance your team’s skills through training, or leverage expert consulting services, OpenFabric has you covered.

Our Mission

At OpenFabric, we are committed to unlocking the full potential of 5G technology for our customers.

We strive to provide end-to-end solutions that enable businesses to harness the power of 5G for private network implementations, testing, training, and beyond.

5G Core as a Service

OpenFabric’s 5G Core as a Service delivers a scalable, secure, and fully managed cloud-native 5G network solution, ensuring easy deployment and future-proof interoperability with expert support.

Fully Managed Services

Deploy a fully managed, cloud-native 5G core network with OpenFabric’s comprehensive service offerings. From deployment to maintenance, we handle it all.


Tailor our 5G Core as a Service offerings to your specific requirements, whether you need a private, public, or hybrid deployment model.

Cloud-Native Architecture

Benefit from the scalability, flexibility, and resilience of our cloud-native architecture, designed to adapt to your evolving business needs. 

Security and Compliance

Rest assured knowing that your data and communications are secure and compliant with industry regulations, thanks to our built-in security features and adherence to standards.

Open Source and Standards-Based

Our solutions are built on open-source technologies and industry standards, ensuring interoperability, security, and future-proofing.

5G Lab as a Service

OpenFabric’s 5G Lab as a Service provides a comprehensive testing environment with cutting-edge technology for real-world 5G simulation. Access our state-of-the-art labs remotely or on-premises, supported by expert guidance, for seamless testing, validation, and training.

Comprehensive Testing Environment

Access our advanced testing labs for training, validation, interoperability testing, and application testing. Our labs simulate real-world 5G scenarios and environments.

Flexible Access Options

Choose from on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid access options to our labs, depending on your specific requirements and preferences.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our labs are equipped with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Training and Workshops

Participate in training sessions and workshops hosted in our labs to enhance your team’s skills and knowledge in 5G technology and telecommunications.


Benefit from the guidance and support of our experienced engineers and technicians, who assist with testing, troubleshooting, and optimization.

5G Training

OpenFabric’s 5G Training offers customized programs led by industry experts, covering all aspects of 5G technology. Flexible delivery options, including in-person, virtual, and self-paced courses, provide hands-on learning experiences to enhance your team’s skills.

Customized Training Programs

Access customized training programs tailored to your organization’s needs, skill levels, and objectives.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our training programs cover a wide range of topics, including 5G architecture, protocols, deployment, optimization, and security.


Learn from industry experts with hands-on experience in 5G technology and telecommunications.


Benefit from practical, hands-on learning experiences that reinforce theoretical knowledge and skills.

Flexible Delivery Options

Choose from in-person workshops, virtual training sessions, or self-paced online courses to fit your schedule and learning preferences.

5G Consulting

OpenFabric’s 5G Consulting services provide strategic planning and technical expertise to navigate the 5G landscape. Our vendor-agnostic approach ensures the best solutions for your business, supported by implementation guidance and a commitment to continuous improvement.


Partner with our team of seasoned consultants to develop comprehensive 5G deployment plans and strategies aligned with your business objectives.

Implementation Support

Receive hands-on support and guidance throughout the implementation process, from initial planning and design to deployment, testing, and optimization.


Access specialized knowledge and resources to address specific challenges and opportunities related to 5G technology, network design, and optimization.

Continuous Improvement

Our consultants are committed to ongoing collaboration and innovation, helping you stay ahead of the curve and maximize the value of your 5G investments.

Vendor Agnostic Approach

Benefit from our vendor-agnostic approach, which allows us to recommend the best solutions and technologies based on your unique requirements and preferences.

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